Direct Payments

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Direct payments are an alternative to having support arranged directly by social services



What are direct payments?

If someone has been assessed by their Local Authority as being eligible for receiving community care services they can instead choose to receive payments that they may use to purchase and arrange their own support services. Direct payments are designed to support independent living for disabled people as they provide more choice and control over how and by whom care needs are met. Direct payments can be used to employ a Personal Assistant (PA), purchase services from a Care Agency or to purchase respite services. If someone does not have the capacity to consent to or manage their own direct payments someone else, classed as a ‘suitable person’, can be appointed to manage this on their behalf.

Who can get direct payments?

If someone is already receiving community care services then they can ask social services about switching to direct payments. Otherwise they will need to have an assessment, undertaken by a social worker, to see if they are eligible to receive community care services. If it is decided that they are the social worker will discuss direct payments as an option and can put through a referral to Diverse Cymru. Someone may be eligible to receive direct payments if they are:

  • an older person assessed as needing community care services
  • a disabled person aged 16 or over
  • a parent of a disabled child
  • a carer, to support them in their caring role

However there are some situations where the Local Authority is not obliged to offer direct payments. Individual Local Authorities will be able to provide further information regarding these exceptions.

What direct payments support does Diverse Cymru provide?

The Diverse Cymru Direct Payments team provides a free service to recipients of Direct Payments to support them with their responsibilities. The support service we provide includes:

  • Advertising posts for Personal Assistants on our Direct Payments site and assisting throughout the recruitment process
  • Advice on employment law and employers’ responsibilities
  • Training on record keeping: timesheets, invoices etc.
  • A 4 weekly payroll service for people employing Personal Assistants
  • Advice on setting up a direct payment Bank Account
  • Providing the option of a Managed Bank Account, where Diverse Cymru can manage payments on our service users’ behalf
  • Carrying out Disclosure and Barring Service checks on new Personal Assistants
  • Ongoing support and advice whilst receiving direct payments

Cardiff,-NPT-and-WWWhere can Diverse Cymru support you?

  • Carmarthenshire
  • Ceredigion
  • Pembrokeshire
  • Newport*
  • Neath Port Talbot**

*Newport is a Payroll and Managed Accounts only service.

**In Neath Port Talbot we are one of five potential providers.


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