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A Manifesto for a Fair and Equal Wales

Diverse Cymru calls on all political parties and candidates to put equality for all and human rights at the heart of the 2021 Welsh Parliament election. Read on for the Diverse Cymru election manifesto, as we work towards a Fair and Equal Wales in 2021.

Key areas of action

In this manifesto we call on all political parties and candidates to commit to action to address inequalities and advance rights for all people facing inequality in Wales. We are calling for action in 6 key areas:

  1. Enshrine human rights and equality for all in Welsh law, policy and action
  2. Health and social care must provide an integrated, seamless service, which actively recognises and accounts for each individual’s views, wishes, and circumstances
  3. Build back better as we recover from COVID-19
  4. All transport must be accessible, safe, and inclusive
  5. All information must be accessible and inclusive
  6. Positive action for increased representation of all under-represented groups and involvement of diverse people


Diverse Cymru believes that equality and human rights should be at the heart of every decision politicians make affecting Wales. They must consider the impact of their policies on all people; understanding that every individual is potentially affected by discrimination, poverty and unfair treatment. We must stand up for the human rights of all people in Wales, and that goes to the core of this manifesto. 

Our policy manager Ele Hicks said:

The current Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted inequalities that exist in Wales. The disproportionate impacts on BAME, disabled, and older people are clearly evidenced and concerning. Younger people are experiencing higher levels of unemployment, carers and women are facing additional challenges. Communities that face barriers to accessing services and who experience poorer mental health are facing additional barriers. These include disabled, BAME, older, and LGBT people. There is a need for the strong leadership to promote equality for all and celebrate diversity. We cannot return to business as usual, which entrenches inequalities. We must build back better and take this opportunity to radically reform policies and practice in Wales to advance equality for everyone in Wales.

A ‘one size fits all’ approach will not meet the equalities requirements of people with one or more protected characteristics. We need to recognise and act on the voices and experiences of people in Wales, including intersectional issues. Failure to make this fundamental shift in the way we address equality and diversity will leave many people in Wales at risk of discrimination, poverty and injustice.

You can find our full manifesto here (in word and pdf).
You can download our full Maniffesto in Welsh.

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Diverse Cymru is a pan-Wales equality and diversity charity – working to ensure equality for all. Diverse Cymru’s vision is to help create a nation without prejudice or discrimination, where every person is equal and diversity is celebrated, and our mission is to eliminate discrimination and inequality.