Free and impartial support to help people secure their rights

Our Advice Team provides information and advice to disabled people and carers of all ages about benefits, health and community care, special education. We can help you by:

  • Identifying your problems
  • Giving information and explaining options so that you can make your own choices
  • Writing letters and making telephone calls on your behalf
  • Assisting you with filling in forms, including benefit claims
  • Identifying what you need to do next
  • Supporting you and/or representing you at meetings with third parties
  • Helping you to make complaints and appealing decisions you disagree with
  • Taking action on your behalf in order to progress the case
  • If we cannot deal with your issue we will provide information about other organisations that may be able to help and make a referral, if necessary

Our service is free, impartial and confidential, except when a person’s well-being is in danger. We offer home visits to clients who require them. Language support may be available.

You need an appointment to see one of our Advisors. You can phone us to make an appointment on 029 2036 8888 option 2.

The Advice Team delivers support through two projects:

Advocacy in the Vale of Glamorgan

Diverse Cymru provides a free and independent advocacy service for disabled users of Adult Social Services who are residents in the Vale of Glamorgan.

How the service works

You will be able to gain access to an advocate who is non-judgemental, respectful of your needs, views and experiences, and who will listen, provide choices, represent and empower you.

Your advocate will assist you to gather relevant information and explain options available to you so that you can make your own choices and decisions.

We will act only on your instructions and will not take any action against your wishes. You can instruct your advocate to write letters, talk to people on the telephone or face-to-face on your behalf. Your advocate can support you to advocate for yourself or represent you at meetings, including the ones with authorities.

What can we help you with

  • Obtaining community care that you need
  • Supporting and representing you throughout the process of acquiring benefits such as: Personal Independent Payments, Employment Support Allowance, Pension Credit, Attendance Allowance, Carers Allowance
  • Appealing decisions that you do not agree with, such as decision about your benefits or care
  • Supporting you in acquiring an accessible home
  • Making complaints about services
  • Providing information on other organisations that may be able to offer support you

Families First - Cardiff

Families First logo

The Families First Project assists families in Cardiff who care for a disabled child or young person. The Family First model works by building a ‘Disability Team Around the Family’ (DTAF), bringing a wide range of professionals to work with parents, carers and the wider family in order to help them address the breadth of the challenges that they face.

Diverse Cymru provides advocacy and benefit advice as part of the project. We accept self-referrals, referrals from agencies and directly from Families First, and we can offer home visits in exceptional circumstances. We may also be able to provide language support when necessary.

The Team

Dawn Ashton deals with welfare benefits and will help you to apply for relevant benefits. Should you disagree with the DWP decision on your benefit entitlement, she will help you with Mandatory Reconsideration request and, if necessary, Tribunal appeal. This service has been invaluable to many clients who have no idea what benefits they can claim or how to access the welfare benefits system.

Chris Morgan can advocate on your behalf on various issues as diverse as the lifestyles of each family: housing, health care and care packages, social care, social life and hobbies. She can perform benefits checks and help you with other forms such as Blue Badge or Bus Pass applications.

Lorraine Murphy offers assistance with benefits to young disabled people (aged 16 – 25) living independently or planning to live independently, including those with mental ill health. She supports young people with disability benefits claims, i.e. Personal Independence Payments (PIP) – including transferring from Disability Living Allowance (DLA) to PIP and Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

The Advice Team can support people to make an initial claim, offer ongoing aid throughout the process and help appeal any decisions clients disagree with. We can also assist in preparing for tribunals and representing you at tribunal hearings.

For all enquiries and for self-referrals please contact the Advice Team on 029 2036 8888 option 2.

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