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Diverse Cymru’s Advocacy service acts to support people to say what they want, to secure their rights, to pursue their interests and to help them to obtain the services they need.

We work in partnership with the people we support, taking their side, we can promote social inclusion, equality and social justice.

Our service is delivered within the Advocacy Charter, maintaining its principles of: Clarity of Purpose, Independence, Confidentiality, Putting People First, Empowering People, Equality and Diversity, Accessibility, Accountability, Supporting Advocates and Safeguarding People.

Download a copy of the Advocacy Charter

You can also download The Advocacy Charter Easy Read 

Our Advocacy services

Working under the Social Care and Wellbeing (Wales) Act 2014, Diverse Cymru provides a free and independent advocacy service for disabled users of Adult Social Services who are residents in the Vale of Glamorgan.

How the service works

You will be able to gain access to an experienced advocate who is non-judgemental, respectful of your needs, views and experiences, and who will listen, provide choices and empower you.

Your advocate will assist you to gather relevant information and explain options available to you so that you can make your own choices and decisions.

We will act only on your instructions and will not take any action against your wishes. You can instruct your advocate to write letters, talk to people on the telephone or face-to-face on your behalf. Your advocate can support you to advocate for yourself or represent you at meetings, including the ones with authorities.

What we can help you with:

  • Obtaining community care that you need
  • Appealing decisions that you do not agree with
  • Supporting you in acquiring an accessible home
  • Making complaints about services
  • Providing information on other organisations that may be able to offer support you

What we cannot help you with:

  • Act without your consent
  • Pass on information without your consent
  • Act as a counsellor, social worker or legal advisor
  • Make decisions on your behalf

To access the service, contact:

Cardiff & Vale Advocacy Gateway on: 0808 801 0577

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