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Bi Visibility Day 2021

Bi Visibility Day has been running on 23rd September since 1999. It raises awareness of bi+ people and issues and challenges bi+ erasure. It has been known by various names in the UK and internationally.

Bi+ people are often invisible and excluded in policies, practices and services. Often people talk about the LGBT+ or LGBTQIA+ community. However, when talking about specific groups there is often a focus on lesbian and gay people with a lesser focus on trans people. Bi+ people are rarely mentioned. Similarly people talk about homophobia and transphobia, but miss biphobia when talking about hate crime and incidents and societal discrimination. Bi+ people are therefore rarely considered, let alone their issues addressed.

Bi+ people are often excluded from both LGBTQIA+ and straight (heterosexual) spaces and communities and experience discrimination in both spaces. Information and support rarely recognises bi+ people and their issues. The bi flag is rarely flown and bi+ people are severely under-represented in civil and political positions and discussions.

Bi Visibility Day and week are important to raise these and many other bi+ issues and to challenge biphobia and bi+ exclusion.

Other events, many online this year, happening in Scotland, England and internationally are listed on