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New website!

Welcome to our new website!

After a couple of months of development, we’re happy to finally launch a site we’ve built ourselves and that we think is the perfect platform to improve and expand in future.


Floating menu bar – Wherever you are on the site, the menu bar follows you down the page, so you’re only ever one simple click away from any of our other pages.

Flexibility – The front page is almost infinitely configurable, so content will be refreshed regularly to show of different areas of our work, whilst remaining familiar and easy to navigate.

Accessibility – We have included options in the very top left of the screen to increase and reset the font size, as well as two different high contrast options. If you think there are any other options that should be available, please get in touch and let us know.

Prominent contact information – We know that a lot of visits to a website are simply to get contact details! Our phone number and email address are at the top and bottom of every page, and our social media links are liberally sprinkled throughout.

Bilingual – We’ve had lots of feedback that our website should be bilingual and we completely agree. All of our ‘static content’ (content that isn’t likely to change often) will be in English and Welsh, and we will do our best to provide what ‘dynamic content’ (news article and events) we can bilingually too. We are not given core funding to translate our work, and so have to squeeze the budget where we can in order to make it happen, so if something is not immediately available in Welsh, please bear with us.

News – We’ve decided to stop production of our quarterly newsletter, and instead, to provide that news as it happens as regularly as possible. We believe this will allow us to respond quicker to topical issues, make announcements as they happen and to keep you up to date with what our staff and volunteers are up to.

We’re also pleased to show off our new Direct Payments website, which also launches today. Direct payments has become such a huge part of our operation, we thought it should stand alone not only to allow better functionality for prospective Personal Assistants (PAs) to search and apply for jobs, but also to provide information to anyone in England and Wales who wants to know about direct payments.

Thanks to Dylan from Chwarae Teg for starting the process with us and for giving us some great ideas and inspiration and to our testing team of Ted, Sarah, Eirlys and Midnight.
The work has been done by our internal website team David Bond, Hannah Cook, Leonie Wallace, Sarah Sweeney, Stewart Harding and Thom Dicomidis who put in lots of hours arguing over phrasing, shouting at website code and generally fiddling, updating and proof-reading! Also a big thank you to our invaluable translators Huw Garan, Gwenlli Haf Evans and Hannah Mason.

If you have any feedback on our website, please get in touch.

Mae’n ddrwg gennym, ond nid yw’r cynnwys ganlynol ar gael yn y Gymraeg ar hyn o bryd.