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Wales Screen

Wales Screen is a dedicated and knowledgeable team within the Creative Industries sector of the Welsh Government. Established in 2002, they have worked with thousands of productions, helping source locations, crew and facilities.

Wales-ScreenWales Screen assists international and domestic projects of all shapes and sizes, from short films to feature films, photo-shoots to commercials and documentaries to dramas, providing invaluable aid and local knowledge and expertise to productions filming throughout Wales.

They also promote Welsh and Wales-based crew and companies who have registered as part of their extensive online database, sharing these details with productions that are interested in working in Wales. So, whether you’re an experienced media professional or someone looking to gain more experience in the film and television industry in Wales, make sure that your details are added to their database.

Diverse Cymru are working with Wales Screen to ensure that opportunities within the creative industries are made available to everyone. We are especially interested in encouraging disabled people and people from BME communities to take advantage of these opportunities; the first step is to sign up and register your interests, skills and experience:

You can register as an individual/freelancer

Or as a facilities company

Once you’ve signed up please drop us an e-mail to let us know so that we can start supporting you on your journey.