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Diverse Cymru delivering Direct Payments in Gwynedd

Diverse Cymru have been successful in the tender process for the provision of a Direct Payments Support Service for Gwynedd Council, and that delivery begins today.

Diverse Cymru has more than 20 years of experience in delivering Direct Payments support throughout Wales. We are a Welsh charity committed to supporting people faced with inequality and discrimination, giving individuals a voice, a choice, and control in the care they receive. We currently provide managed accounts and payroll services to Direct Payments clients in Newport, Swansea, and Bridgend.

We will be holding virtual Information Workshops on Zoom during the next 2 months in order to meet with people receiving this support service and to answer any queries. We will be in touch shortly with clients to give more information about the log in details and times of these workshops.

If you have any views concerning this tender process and its outcome, please feel free to get in touch with Gwynedd Council’s Direct Payments Team on

Alternatively you can contact Diverse Cymru on 029 20 36 8888 or you can email us on, alternately you can view our website for more details

FAQs and getting the support that you need

What support will I receive from Diverse Cymru?

We will provide a comprehensive information, support and advice service to help you to manage your Direct Payment. This will include advice on DP benefits and assistance with any challenges, assistance with paperwork and budgets, help to recruit and employ a Personal Assistant or engage an Agency, employment support and advice and advice and assistance with innovative uses of Direct Payments such as Pooling. We can also provide a fully comprehensive Managed Banking and Payroll service, if required.

How can Diverse Cymru help you attract Personal Assistants?

The relationship between employer and Personal Assistant is very important and being able to recruit PA’s who have the relevant skills, experience and knowledge to meet your needs and outcomes is central to our support. Diverse Cymru has developed our own online PA Matching System (PAMS) which can help you to identify PA’s who are currently available and suitable and will help you to select PA’s to interview.

We will advertise PAMS across Gwynedd, promoting the role of a PA to prospective Individuals.

What is Direct Payments Pooling and how can it be used?

Pooling Direct Payments can be an excellent way for people to share ideas, skills and resources and can create social and financial benefits. You can choose to share the cost of an activity or care with others, using all, or part of your Direct Payment.

Our ILA’s will be available to discuss Pooling Direct Payments with you and Diverse Cymru will produce a Direct Payment Pooling Toolkit that we will send to you.

What are Managed Accounts?

Managed Accounts (MA) is available to people who need support to manage the money side of their Direct Payment. Under this arrangement, your direct payment is paid into Diverse Cymru’s Managed Banking account via the Local Authority.

Diverse Cymru will then manage the money for you, paying for the things in your support plan e.g. Personal Assistant wages etc. Having Managed Banking will give you the same level of choice and control as managing your own direct payment bank account as, although you are not managing the money directly, you are still in control of the decisions made about your support.

Who can receive Managed Banking?

To have Managed Banking, you need: to be eligible to receive social care services from Gwynedd County Borough Council and to have chosen to receive this support via a direct payment, to have capacity to consent to receiving a direct payment and having it managed via Managed Banking, to show that you’re in control of the decisions that are made about your support and how the money is spent.

The option of having Managed Banking means that people who might otherwise be unwilling or feel unable to receive a direct payment can benefit from them.

Having Managed Banking can also be a bridge to receiving and managing the money side of your direct payment yourself.

I have received an authorisation code from HMRC, what should I do with this?

If you receive a HMRC reference authorisation code, please forward this to us. This permits us to act on your behalf when speaking to HMRC.

How can I contact Diverse Cymru?

Please contact Diverse Cymru’s Direct Payments team on 029 2036 8888 or email