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Diverse Cymru’s Creative Bursary 2018

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Diverse Cymru is pleased to announce our new training and support bursary for diverse people working in Wales’ high-end film and TV industries.

Supported by the High-end TV Levy Fund managed by Creative Skillset, we are offering a simple training bursary and mentoring programme for people from protected characteristic groups, who already have some experience in the industry and wish to further develop their skills and knowledge.

Working with well-known industry training organisations, we will be awarding 6 people a training package up to the value of £500 each.

Successful applicants will choose their own training options and will be paired up with mentors from within the industry who will be able to support them through the training and on wards.

For those not successful in the bursary process, we will offer support and advice to access any number of other opportunities currently available such as free training, mentoring, and access to support networks. We will provide links with existing industry networks to get their faces and names known, and to have the opportunity to gain access to work opportunities in real time.


This opportunity is open to anyone who identifies from one or more protected characteristic groups, eg.  LGBT, BME or from the disabled community.

If you are interested or know of anyone who could use the support, we are offering 3 application options:

  1. You/they can complete the simple application form attached and return it to us
  2. You/they can email us and request a telephone interview to directly answer the questions
  3. You/they can submit a film/short video clip of you answering the questions

Please see the attached:

  • Document explaining more about the Bursary and how to apply.
  • The application form
  • The Monitoring form

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film fund application

Diverse Cymru Equal Opportunities Form (Eng)

The deadline for applications is the 14th September 2018