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Diverse Cymru’s link with Norway Part 2

As part of an international exchange programme, Sigrid Bjerke Hoem and Ingvill Dahl Bjune have been working with our Direct Payments Team to gain experience for their Social Care studies in Norway.


Sigrid visiting the Cardiff Story and being evacuated!

Sigrid visiting the Cardiff Story learning about evacuees.

We are now in our last week here with Diverse Cymru, 14 weeks have gone fast. We leave Cardiff with new experiences both personal and professional. We thrived in Cardiff, there is so much to see here and in other parts of Wales.

We have found that the city of Cardiff has a lot to offer, like history, nature and social life. The city has a good mix of the old and the new. We liked how the city is designed and it’s not too hard to get around. Sigrid tends to get lost everywhere, but she has not got lost in Cardiff (that much). People here are very nice and open and easy to get to know, so we think it’s a friendly city compared to somewhere like London.

Being on placement at Diverse Cymru and working with the Direct Payments Team has been interesting, and we have learned a lot during our stay. The team has been very helpful and supportive to us. They are a great group of people, we could not be luckier with our colleagues. We have both felt like a part of the team, and this has given us insight in the organisation. We have seen how all the different teams works in Diverse Cymru and the diversity in the organisation.

We were disappointed to find that the Norwegian Church wasn't a real church anymore!We were disappointed to find that the Norwegian Church is no longer a real church!

Seeing the differences between Wales and Norway has been interesting too, like seeing how the system works here, what’s good and bad, and what we can take home from this stay. It has also been an experience to see the development of a new direct payment contract in West Wales up close. To see such an already busy team handle a situation like this has been very impressive!

We would like to thank Diverse Cymru for hosting us and to all the organisations such as Cardiff University who have supported us during our stay.

DP day out Team day out to St Fagans National History Museum, Cardiff.