Diversity in Film and TV


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Despite the rich cultural landscape of Wales, our Film and TV industries suffer from a lack of diversity across gender, disability, sexuality, age and socio-economic backgrounds in all sectors, from catering, costuming and set-dressing to writing, editing and directing. We believe that Film and TV should have a workforce that represents the communities in which they operate and that a wide range of people who have a wealth of expertise, skills and experience could be missing out on careers in the sector.

This is not about political correctness, it is about competitive edge. Drawing on the best talents across all communities will lead to better, richer and more innovative TV programmes. This is important, not only so that the industry can attract the best talent, but also because of the unique role television broadcasting has in shaping and reflecting our society’s values.
Lord Holmes – EHRC Blog

Diverse Cymru is working with and on behalf of the Welsh Government’s Creative Industries Sector Team to deliver a pioneering research project, Diversity in Film and TV, which explores the barriers that may prevent people from diverse backgrounds becoming involved in the sector.

Diverse Cymru is working with professionals in the creative industries to explore positive solutions to ensure that anyone with drive and talent has a fair chance to work successfully within a growing industry that represent the true diversity of Wales. Using a range of research methods and engagement events, the project is identifying people from diverse backgrounds with skills relevant to the creative sector and also promote upcoming film and TV opportunities to them.

Working with film and TV companies, we are developing practical and affordable solutions aimed at diversifying their workforce – for example by identifying funding support for training and placement opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds. For updates on this project please sign up to our mailing list or follow us online on twitter and facebook.

Diverse Cymru are working with Wales Screen to ensure that opportunities within the creative industries are made available to everyone. We are especially interested in encouraging disabled people and people from BME communities to take advantage of these opportunities; the first step is to sign up and register your interests, skills and experience

Research and studies into inequality in the creative industries

If you’re trying to break into the industry and believe you have been discriminated against or that additional barriers stopped you pursuing this career, please get in touch with us! We would like to add your story to our research to ensure that this does not happen in the future and that opportunities are equal for all. Email info@diverse.cymru

If you have an activity or initiative that you would like us to promote,  send it to info@diverse.cymru