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Women rise to power

Women in film – new data visualisation from Nesta

Wales one film festival events

Poor Diversity In TV

BAFTA Cymru up and coming events

Beyond Virtue Signalling: Next steps for improving diversity in UK screen industry’s forum

Sgil Cymru Based at Pinewood Studio Wales, 75 years combined experience in bilingual media training and production

BBC launches drive to increase opportunities for disabled actors

Manifesto for Casting

Raising our game report 2017

black UK stars win US roles because ‘we are better’



A collection of studies and research into inequalities in the creative industries.

As part of a series of events produced for Creative Tracks, Visiting Arts will host a three day exchange and networking event in Wales from 16-19 October 2017

Play Fair – Equity’s new campaign to increase diversity and equality in our industry


A major new study into gender inequality in the UK film industry

Salary Survey 2016: who earns what in production

Salary Survey 2016: gender pay gap getting worse


This work is continuing based on the recommendations in the following report:

Rewriting the script – Full Report

Rewriting the script – Exec Summary

Ailysgrifennu’r Sgript – Crynodeb Gweithredol