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EHRC Film Project



Telling the Lived Experiences of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Wales


Diverse Cymru has been commissioned by the Equality and Human Rights Commission in Wales to create series of films that highlight  the issues and promote the positive stories of Asylum Seekers and Refugees(AS&R) in Wales.

We will be identifying and filming 25 individuals from these groups thus allowing them to tell their own stories, show their resilience and show how they are contributing in a positive way to Welsh society.

We will be focusing on several key themes that are common to us all, such as : Family/Children, Hopes and Aspirations, Culture, Language and Community. The project hopes to emphasise the benefits of immigration to Welsh society, dispelling myths and inaccuracies about these often misrepresented communities.

A recent study of attitudes towards refugees, found a third of people in Wales admit to being prejudiced against refugees. It is the aim of this project to focus on creating a counter-narrative to these views by supporting people to tell their own stories to audiences such as, the general public, National and local public bodies (government, health, education, police, councils, courts etc), Policy makers, such as Assembly members, MP’s, Government departments and Third sector organisations.

To deliver this project, we will be working with some of our own fantastic clients and Wales’s Asylum and Refugee Support Service networks across the four dispersal areas to build  a respectful and sensitive framework to deliver the project. Our partners include Oasis, Displaced People in Action, Bethel Sanctuary Newport and Eyst. The project will culminate in an event in spring 2018,  that will bring everyone together to see the finished content, discuss the issues around false representation, and to promote the positive contributions that these communities bring to the UK.