Equality in Wales

Inequality in Wales

A brief overview of the equalities landscape in Wales

An overview of the Welsh Equalities landscape from the EHRC:

Human rights in Wales

Publications from other organisations:

Wales Impact Report: Equality and Human Rights Commission (2020)

State of the Nation Report: Chwarae Teg (2020)

Sex and Power: Fawcett Society (2020)

Feminist Scorecard: WEN Wales and Oxfam Cymru (2020)

LGBT in Britain: Stonewall Report. Lesbian, gay and bisexual people’s experiences and expectations of discrimination (2018)

State of Nation- An Overview of growing older in Wales: Older People’s Commissioner for Wales (2019)

The Human Rights of Children in Wales: An Evidence Review: Children’s Commissioner for Wales (2018)

Children with special educational needs – Research and statistics: Mencap (2020)

Experiences of Belonging & Living in Wales: Findings for the All Wales Survey for Ethnic Minority People, EYST (2018, published 2020)

Racism in Wales? Exploring Prejudice in the Welsh Education System Show Racism the Red Card (2020)

Hardly Hard to Reach – the case for refugee-led mental health services: Race on the Agenda (ROTA) (2019)

Black Lives Matter Resources – Film, articles, features and news: Into Film. (2020)