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At Diverse Cymru our aims, ideals and services are all based around empowering and uplifting the voices of people facing inequality across Wales.

Have your say and help us keep our work true to this principle and true to the needs of our service users. Join us in influencing organisations to do better, and work harder to tackle inequality in Wales.

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Age Cymru and Carers Trust Wales want to better understand the needs of ‘hidden’ carers

Age Cymru and Carers Trust Wales on Carers Rights Day (26 November) launched a Wales-wide survey as part of their partnership project funded by Welsh Government. The survey will help provide a better understanding of the needs of people aged 50 or over who provide unpaid support to family or friends but aren’t accessing any services, information or advice.

If you are looking after a family member, neighbour or friend and are not currently accessing any support to help you in this role, Age Cymru would like to invite you to complete their online survey at


or contact Age Cymru for a paper version which can be sent back free of charge. Or if you prefer you can talk to them about your experiences. They can also provide you with information and signposting information to support you as part of this conversation.

Closing date: 20/Jan/2021

Luke Conlon, Carers Project Officer, at luke.conlon@agecymru.org.uk or phone 07989 152529

Learning Disability Wales (LDW) is really trying hard to find 200 people with learning disabilities in Wales who would be willing to talk about their experiences and their lives throughout the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown.  The first round of interviews are taking place now and will continue until the end of January.

If you want to watch a video about it you can watch Ffion, Chair of Caerphilly People First talk about getting involved here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lC55WLcQyU&t=5s

LDW need to speak to people with learning disabilities individually.  You would be interviewed by one of their team over the phone or through Zoom, for example.  In all it takes about 40 minutes.

If happy to participate, all you need to do is to send Karen an email confirming you are interested in taking part and for contact details to be shared (name, email & phone number) (the contact details would be kept safe and won’t be shared with anyone without your permission).

LDW cannot interview  people in a group format.  However some organisations have set up times and dates where one or a few members of their team can be available to conduct interviews with people at roughly the same time.

See attached the ‘Participant Information Sheet’ for your attention (both English(Cymraeg) ).
See also attached a Consent Form V1.0 for people to see- although this is something LDW would go through with them before starting the interview.

LDW think it is important that as many people with learning disabilities in Wales are represented in this study and share their experience of the past few months.  Everything people say though is confidential and will be anonymised.

Many thanks again for your interest and support with this study. You can contact Karen Warner, Policy and Communications Manager, Learning Disability Wales – karen.warner@ldw.org.uk

We are inviting you to take part in engagement on Social Care Wales’ draft Equality Objectives 2021 to 2026

Please share this invitation with both community groups and organisations working around equality and with your members or diverse individuals.

What this engagement is about

This engagement is your chance to tell us:

  • what you think about Social Care Wales’ draft Equality Objectives
  • anything you think should be changed
  • anything you think is missing from Social Care Wales’ draft Equality Objectives
  • what actions Social Care Wales should take to achieve the Equality Objectives – what would make a difference to you

Fill in a questionnaire

If you are not able to attend any of the events or do not want to take part in an online engagement event you can complete our questionnaire or contact us.

The questionnaire covers the same areas as the engagement events and the same questions. You can give us all the information you want to in this questionnaire. You can let us know everything you would have said in an engagement event.

All questionnaire responses will be treated equally to engagement event participation. Experiences, views, and solutions from the questionnaire will go into Diverse Cymru’s report to Social Care Wales with the engagement event information. Recommendations will come from both engagement events and the questionnaire.

Please make sure your questionnaire gets to us by Friday 11th December. The questionnaire will close on Friday 11th December. This is because we have to write a report and send it to Social Care Wales before Christmas.

The questionnaire is available:

  • online in Welsh and English
  • on Diverse Cymru’s website (diversecymru.org.uk) in Welsh and English in both standard and large print as a Word document
  • we can send you a copy by email or post. Email us or phone us to ask for a copy by email or post.

You can fill in the online questionnaire here: https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/5UOXY3/
Social Care Wales equality objectives engagement questionnaire:
Engagement questionnaire
Large print:
Engagement questionnaire

Or send your questionnaire or comments to Diverse Cymru by:

  • Email: Research@diverse.cymru
  • Telephone: 029 2036 8888 for assistance to complete the questionnaire or to provide your views and experiences. Please ask for Georgia Marks or Shelagh Maher. We can read the questions to you, explain them, and / or write your response with you.
  • Post your questionnaire or your views and experiences to:
    Diverse Cymru, 3rd Floor, Alexandra House
    307-315 Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff
    CF5 1JD

Other ways to take part

We cannot hold face-to-face engagement events at this time. This is because of Coronavirus rules and safety.

If you cannot engage online or complete a questionnaire we can:

  • interview you by telephone or online video meeting with just you and the researcher
  • you can email us or write to us with your experiences and suggestions

Your Experiences

Diverse Cymru are looking for people’s experiences and stories to help support our work to improve services, policy and practice throughout Wales. If you have a story to tell, whether you’ve had a good or a bad experience or if you think something could have been done better, let us know about it. As we collect these stories, which can be anonymised if you would like, we can use them to let services like those below know how they can improve and be more responsive to the needs of people, particularly across the protected characteristics.

  • Healthcare
  • Mental Health Services
  • Social Care
  • Wellbeing
  • Welfare and Benefits
  • Poverty
  • Social Exclusion
  • Equality and Human Rights
  • Hate Crime and Community Safety
  • Education
  • Employment

You can send us your experiences:

Through our online form:

Name (required)

Email (required)


Your experience


By email: Shelagh.Maher@diverse.cymru

Or by post:

Have Your Say
Diverse Cymru
307-315 Cowbridge Road East

Your Views

Engagement - Your Voice Matters

Join the Equality and Human Rights Network

This network – run in partnership with Race Equality First and Diverse Cymru – is open to any third sector organisation working in Cardiff on any area of Equality and Human Rights.

We welcome new members.
Members can feed in views of people from disadvantaged communities and people facing discrimination in all areas of Cardiff.
The network discusses important Equality and Human Rights issues to change legislation, policy and practice together and make a difference to people’s lives.

We meet quarterly. Meetings include opportunities to:

  • Feed in stories, experiences and views from your service users and citizens on equality and human rights issues
  • Work together to jointly respond to key consultations and other opportunities to influence
  • Plan and run awareness raising campaigns and other work together
  • Take joint action to tackle inequalities
  • Share information on your events, campaigns, projects and work with other organisations

Between meetings we share these stories, information and joint work by email.

To join the network email Thoria at thoria.m@c3sc.org.uk or call (029) 2048 5722.
Please let other community groups or organisations you work with know about the network.

Diverse Cymru engages with both Local and National Government and the public sector on the issues that are most important in promoting equality across Wales, particularly where these issues effect people who would fall under one or more of the protected characteristics, by developing policy positions and offering practical recommendations.

Part of this process involves responding strategically to Welsh Government consultations that will have the biggest impact on people affected by inequality across the nation. Unfortunately, and although we share the details of these current consultations with our supporters, there are often too many being undertaken simultaneously for us to be able to provide a comprehensive response in every case. If you have an interest in giving your views on consultations around:

  • Healthcare
  • Mental Health services
  • Social care
  • Welfare and benefits
  • Poverty
  • Social exclusion
  • Equality
  • Well-being
  • Hate crime and community safety
  • Education
  • Employment

Please let us know by email: ele.hicks@diverse.cymru

Or by post:

Have Your Say
Diverse Cymru
307-315 Cowbridge Road East

If you would like to get more involved you can help us respond to consultations, gather other people’s views and research reports and available evidence by applying to be a volunteer with the Policy and Public Affairs Team.

Our Responses

Diverse Cymru briefing papers on issues and solutions with recommendations based on engagement with diverse communities. Read our responses to consultations, inquiries and other calls for evidence.

Diverse Cymru gathered the views of diverse communities in Cardiff about Communities First and ways forward to tackle poverty.

Views from this focus group have been used to develop a briefing paper and recommendations.

You can read the rest of our consultation responses on our Media Page.