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Dementia – End the Stigma: September 19th 2019

Around a hundred people from across the UK gathered in Butetown Community Centre to talk about Dementia on September 19th, at a free event hosted by Diverse Cymru. Throughout the event, stories were told, experiences were gathered, and connections were strengthened.

The event was hosted as part of Diverse Cymru’s BAME Dementia Project. This was established due to evidence that people from BAME communities are not accessing dementia services for a number of reasons. And a problem that already affects approximately 20-25,000 BAME people in the UK is expected to increase by seven or eight times that.

Within the event, wonderful speakers shared their experiences of caring for those with dementia, the value of stories, and of family. The Lord Mayor Councillor Daniel De’Ath highlighted the importance of good service, and Stevie Wonder’s beautiful ‘Yester Me Yester You, Yesterday’ capped off powerful stories of love, heartache, and hope delivered by Humie Webbe and Faith Walker. Mohammed Akhlak Rauf MBE traveled from Bradford to talk about his research, the role of culture, (both societal and service) and gave advice on the difficult conversations.

Finally the group broke into table discussions about what good Dementia care looked like, and experience of good, and poor care.Reports

The event raised awareness of the issue, and of services aimed to support and tackle the issue. It also focused on the human experiences of those who live with and around Dementia.

Event organiser and BME Mental Health Manager at Diverse Cymru, Suzanne Duval BEM, said “It is clear that the needs of BAME people in Wales with Dementia are not being appropriately met. This event is part of taking this work forward and is a wonderful opportunity for the city of Cardiff to take a lead, and show how we respond to the challenge of positively acting upon the issues.”

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This event was hosted by Diverse Cymru, and funded by the Dementia Friendly Communities Small Grants Fund via CAVAMH and the Cardiff and Vale Integrated Health and Social Care Partnership. The event was supported by Alzheimer’s Society Cymru, CAVAMH, FW Consultancy, NTFW, Nexus, Race Council Cymru, and USW.