Hustings postponed

Due to the passing of Prince Philip, candidates for the 2021 Senedd elections are suspending political campaigning. As such, hosting a live hustings event today has been deemed inappropriate. Diverse Cymru will be posting updated information regarding the Hustings as soon as possible. 

We appreciate your patience in this time. 

If you have any questions to ask about this cancellation, please email 

Hustings – A Fair and Equal Wales

Diverse Cymru will be holding a Hustings on the 12th April, from 4:30 till 6:30 PM, with representation from 5 major political parties. This will be an online event. Register to the event with the link below, and you will receive joining information to the email you provide.

Join us to hear from political parties and candidates on what they will do to make fairness and Equality for All a reality in Wales. 

You will also be able to ask the panel your questions on fairness and equality for all in Wales and what they will do.

This event is hosted by Diverse Cymru and links to Diverse Cymru’s manifesto for a fair and equal Wales.

In attendance:

Wales Green Party: Megan Lloyd, First Candidate, South Wales West.
Welsh Liberal Democrats: Leena Farhat, Candidate Clwyd South.
Welsh Conservatives: Mia Rees, Constituency candidate for Cynon Valley and a regional candidate for South Wales Central.
Plaid Cymru: Elin Walker Jones, Candidate for Clwyd West and third on North Wales Regional List.
Welsh Labour: Ruba Sivagnanam, Candidate South Wales Central. 

This event will also be broadcast on Facebook Live, on Diverse Cymru’s page. BSL Interpretation will be provided.

Register for this event here –

“As I walk the last mile of the way” – Dementia Report

Diverse Cymru are proud to release this important report, a collection of interviews from families, carers and people who are affected by dementia from the Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities in Wales.

The pandemic has had a huge impact on Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, especially people with dementia. It is the most common pre-existing condition for people who are dying from Covid-19 and for the 25,000 people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds living with the condition across the UK, the social restrictions imposed during lockdown have made an already challenging time even more difficult[1]. COVID-19 has disproportionately affected those of a Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) background in the UK, with members of these populations dying from COVID-19 at twice the rate of the white population, as well as contracting COVID-19 at higher rates. COVID-19 has also had a disproportionately high effect on older adults, including those with dementia.

Acting Joint CEO Zoe King said

“This timely report highlights the intersectional nature of inequality at a time when Covid-19 has had such an impact on minority ethnic communities and in particular, people with dementia.”

Many thanks to Welsh Government for funding this valuable work.

Download the PDF of the report here: As I walk the last mile of the way.

Diverse Cymru have released a new information sheet on dementia to support this report – you can find that below:

‘Early dementia signs and prevention’ poster

[1] Race Equality Foundation (2020) – Accessed: 6/01/2020

Natural Resources Wales – Engagement events

What this engagement is about

This engagement is your chance to tell us:

  • anything you think Natural Resources Wales does well in relation to equality, diversity and inclusion
  • what you think Natural Resources Wales should do to improve equality, diversity and inclusion in all their work
  • what you think Natural Resources Wales should do to recruit, support, retain and promote more diverse staff
  • how Natural Resources Wales can engage you and diverse people and communities more

Is this engagement for me?

We are running engagement events and a questionnaire for:

  • Current Natural Resources Wales customers and stakeholders. If you have been in contact with Natural Resources Wales in the past, have used Natural Resources Wales services, or consider yourself a customer of Natural Resources Wales please join these events or fill in this questionnaire
  • Diverse individuals and community groups

We welcome both diverse individuals and community groups or third sector organisations at these events and filling in the questionnaire.

We are keen to hear from:

  • Black, Asian and Minoritised Ethnic people
  • People who are ethnically and culturally diverse
  • People of colour
  • People who experience racism
  • Gypsies, Roma and Travellers
  • Asylum Seekers and Refugees
  • Disabled people. This includes:
    • People with mobility impairments. For example, wheelchair users or people with health conditions that affect walking.
    • People with sensory impairments. For example, Blind, Deaf, or hearing-impaired people.
    • People with learning impairments / disabilities. For example, autistic and neuro-diverse people or people with dyslexia, dyspraxia, or Downs Syndrome.
    • People with cognitive impairments. For example, people with dementia or hydrocephalus.
    • People with long-term health conditions. For example, HIV, diabetes or MS.
  • Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual people
  • Older people over 50
  • Young people under 25
  • People who are pregnant or have recently given birth
  • People with different religions and beliefs and no religion or belief
  • Carers (people who provide unpaid care or support to a friend or family member)
  • Women and men
  • Intersex people
  • Trans and non-binary people
  • People who are married or in a civil partnership
  • And people from different socio-economic groups or classes

Online Engagement Events

We are holding online engagement events about putting equality, diversity and inclusion at the heart of Natural Resources Wales in late March and early April.

Each event will be 2 hours long, including a break in the middle.

There is room for a maximum of 10 people per session to make sure everyone has time to speak.

Engagement events will be on Zoom.

You need to have a stable internet connection, a microphone on your computer, and be able to open Zoom in your internet browser to take part in these events.

You do not need to download Zoom.

You can also take part on a smartphone by opening Zoom or copying the meeting link into your browser on your phone or by downloading the Zoom app onto your phone.

We will send you a link to the event after you register.

If you do not have a microphone or stable internet connection you can phone into the engagement events as a phone call.

The engagement event will be a structured discussion. This means that Diverse Cymru will ask questions and invite participants to share their experiences and answer each question. 

You can take part in Welsh, English, British Sign Language or in another community language. Please let us know your preferred language when you register.

Please also let us know if you need us to reimburse your telephone or internet costs for participating and any access requirements you have.

Please only register for one of the dates and times. Each event is the same. We have several dates and times so that everyone who wants to take part can.

We are running separate events for current customers and stakeholders of Natural Resources Wales; and for diverse individuals and community groups who are not current Natural Resources Wales customers.

The engagement events for diverse individuals and community groups will be held on these dates:

  • Monday 29th 10 am to 12 noon.

You can register online for this event here:

  • Tuesday 30th 5:30 to 7:30 pm

You can register online for this event here:

  • Wednesday 31st 2 to 4 pm

You can register online for this event here:

Engagement events for Natural Resources Wales customers and stakeholders

Engagement events for people who consider themselves a customer of Natural Resources Wales, who have used Natural Resources Wales services, or who have been in contact with Natural Resources Wales will be held on:

  • Tuesday 23rd 2 pm to 4 pm

You can register online for this event here:

  • Wednesday 24th March 4:30 to 6:30 pm

You can register online for this event here:

  • Tuesday 30th March 10 am to 12 noon

You can register online for this event here:

  • Tuesday 6th April 2 pm to 4 pm

You can register online for this event here:

If you cannot make any of these dates please let us know. If several people cannot make these dates we will set an extra date for online engagement events.

How to register

If you are interested in taking part in these engagement events you can register by:

  • clicking the links above to register on Eventbrite
  • emailing
  • calling 02920 368888 and asking for Ele Hicks
  • by post to Engagement and Policy team, Diverse Cymru, 307-315 Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff, CF5 1JD

Please only register for one of the dates and times. Each event is the same. We have several dates and times so that everyone who wants to take part can.

We are running separate events for current customers and stakeholders of Natural Resources Wales and for diverse individuals and community groups who are not current Natural Resources Wales customers.

If you can complete a Ffurflen archebu – Booking form we would appreciate this.

If you cannot complete a booking form please provide your name, contact details, and which event you are registering for when you contact us.

Please include your language choice and any access or other requirements when registering.

Please also let us know if you need us to reimburse your telephone or internet costs for participating.

Fill in a questionnaire

If you are not able to attend any of the events or do not want to take part in an online engagement event you can complete our questionnaire or contact us.

The questionnaire covers the same areas as the engagement events and the same questions. You can give us all the information you want to in this questionnaire. You can let us know everything you would have said in an engagement event.

All questionnaire responses will be treated equally to engagement event participation. Experiences, views, and solutions from the questionnaire will go into Diverse Cymru’s report to Natural Resources Wales with the engagement event information. Recommendations will come from both engagement events and the questionnaire. These will also be combined with results from engagement we are doing with Natural Resources Wales staff.

You can fill in the online questionnaire here: (English) (Welsh)

Find the questionnaire here:

Please make sure your questionnaire gets to us by Tuesday 6th April.

Please email to:

Or by post to: Policy, engagement and research team
Diverse Cymru, Alexandra House, 307-315 Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff, CF5 1JD.

Other ways to take part

We cannot hold face-to-face engagement events at this time. This is because of Coronavirus rules and safety.

If you cannot engage online or complete a questionnaire we can:

  • interview you by telephone or online video meeting with just you and the researcher
  • you can email us or write to us with your experiences and suggestions

Registering to Vote – Blog with the Electoral Commission

A representative democracy gives political power to the voter. Making sure that voters are truly representative of the population in Wales is really important to us at Diverse Cymru. To work toward this aim, we’ve asked Ella Downing from the Electoral Commission in Wales to produce this blog, to give information and some help on the voting process. Registering to vote only takes 5 minutes, get registering!

On Thursday 6 May 2021, there will be Senedd and Police and Crime Commissioner elections in Wales.

The Senedd has powers to make laws for Wales on a range of areas including health, the economy, education, housing, transport, and varying some taxes. The Police and Crime Commissioner oversees your local police force and ensures they are prioritising what matters to you.

The Electoral Commission is the independent body which oversees elections and regulates political finance in the UK. We work to promote public confidence in the democratic process and ensure its integrity. Ahead of elections, the Commission works to ensure all voters have the information they need to register and cast their vote with confidence.

Got 5 minutes to register to vote? To vote at the elections on 6 May, you must be registered by midnight on 19 April.

Many factors influence voter registration and turnout. But, research we published in 2019 found that one in four black and Asian people, one in six people with a learning disability and one in three young people were not correctly registered to vote.

The good news is that it only takes five minutes so you can do it while running a bath, doing laundry or waiting for your kettle do boil.

You can do it online at If you’re unable to register online, you can apply by post by downloading a form from our website.

And this year more people can register and vote in Wales than ever before.

16 and 17 year olds and qualifying foreign citizens can vote in the Senedd elections for the first time. A qualifying foreign citizen is a citizen of another country who has permission to enter or stay in the UK, or who does not need such permission. You can check which elections you’re eligible to vote in using our online tool.

We know voters, particularly those that haven’t taken part before, can have questions and be unsure how the process works. The Commission is running a ‘Welcome to your vote’ campaign encouraging both groups to register and take part in our democracy.

We have put together an election FAQ document in five foreign languages for those who may find it difficult to access English language information. If you are interested in learning more, or work with those that do, promotional assets are available to download from our website.

Additionally, the Commission has created a new set of political literacy resources for young people, to help them feel confident to take part in the elections and know that their vote matters. 

3 ways to cast your vote

Once registered, there are a number of ways to have your say at the elections – you can vote in a polling station, by post, or by appointing someone you trust to vote on your behalf, known as a proxy vote.

To apply to vote by post or proxy, you need to download an application form via our website and return it to your local electoral registrations office. The deadline to apply for a postal vote is 5pm on April 20 and the deadline to apply for a proxy vote is 5pm on April 27.

While things may look slightly different this year given the public health situation, for  those that choose to vote in person, polling stations will be safe places to vote. You can keep yourself and others safe by:

  • wearing a face covering
  • bringing your own pen or pencil
  • cleaning your hands when entering and leaving the polling station
  • keeping a safe distance

You should not attend the polling station if you have symptoms of Covid-19, or if you have been asked to self-isolate. If you become unwell shortly before polling day, or on the day itself, you don’t need to miss out on your vote. You will be able to apply for an emergency proxy vote. Speak to your electoral registrations team to arrange this. You can find their contact details via our postcode lookup tool.

Voters can visit the ‘I am a voter’ section of our website for more information on how to register and vote. An information booklet will also be sent to all households in Wales at the start of April.

Tel/Ffôn: 0333 103 1929 |

Diverse Cymru’s Tenth Anniversary – “We need to stand for equality in Wales”

For our tenth anniversary, our acting joint CEO Zoe King has written a summary of our last 10 years of operation, and highlighted some challenges that we will look to tackle over the next decade of our existence.

The chair of the Diverse Cymru board – June Francois – said:

“Trustees give their unstinting support by sharing their expertise with Diverse Cymru knowing their help will go towards making a positive difference to the lives of people across Wales. Diverse Cymru has a long-standing reputation in equality, diversity and inclusion. Independent accreditation is evidence of the high quality of Diverse Cymru’s service delivery to reduce inequalities in Wales. Recent events have clearly demonstrated the need for Diverse Cymru’s specialist services which are needed more than ever to be a more equal society.”

Diverse Cymru was formed 10 years ago through the merger of two organisations. Awetu (Our Unity in Swahili), led by Suzanne Duval BEM, was an award winning organisation that supported Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people with mental ill health. The Cardiff and Vale Coalition of Disabled People was formed in 1991 as an organisation of disabled people who could challenge barriers, bring disabled people together to campaign on relevant issues.

Recognising that they had similar core values and aims to improve opportunities and services, Charles Willie and Suzanne Duval led the merger to create Diverse Cymru in February 2011. 

We have helped disabled adults in Wales claim £4.28 million in benefits.

This coincided with the Equality Act 2010 that brought together different equality legislation to protect people from discrimination in the workplace and in wider society. The basis for Diverse Cymru was simple, we would look to challenge barriers and support people facing discrimination across protected groups and intersectionally in Wales to achieve equality for all.

Now, as then, the work that we deliver continues along similar lines, to support people, and to make a difference in Wales. Our Direct Payments services support disabled people to own the care they receive, in the past 10 years we have worked with over 5000 DP recipients across six counties in Wales, giving them choice, voice and control, supporting them to achieve the highest quality of life possible. 

Our Advocacy work has included Independent Professional Advocacy, community advocacy and peer advocacy; we have helped disabled adults in Wales claim £4.28 million in benefits, and supported them in challenging unfair decisions. This work has been recognised with an award of the Advocacy Quality Performance Mark, to denote the excellent services delivered.

Supporting the mental health of BAME communities has always been a central pillar of our work. We lobby for change with Welsh Government, and ensure agile services in order to be of most help to the communities we work with. Our reach is wide and now includes support services in Cardiff and Vale and Gwent, HYPE Cymru (help for young people through empowerment), online support, and the BME mental health good practice certification scheme that is working across all 7 health boards in Wales, and spreading across the public and third sectors.

Our Policy and Engagement department supports all of the work that we do. We provide expert research and consultancy services on equality, we provide training to organisations on many aspects of equality and we deliver engagement events that give participants the opportunity to ‘Have Your Say’ about issues and services that affect us all, ensuring that the lived experiences of diverse people are communicated to the highest levels. 

We have always been governed by a strong board of Trustees and this board now includes experience from mental health, local government, equality, social care, legal and third sector leadership. This experience gives additional lenses to make the work we do the best it can be for the people who use our services.

We continue to develop partnerships with other organisations; these include service partnerships with C3SC and Hafal.

It is clear that COVID-19 has exposed latent inequalities in healthcare and other sectors that are affecting diverse people in society. Those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds are far more likely to catch COVID, and to die from it. In Wales, inequality is rife, with 1 in 4 children living in poverty. In the last year we have seen the growth of the Black Lives Matter movement, we have recently seen the separate cases of two black men dying in police custody in Wales, and we have seen disproportionately statistics of BAME individuals being criminalised, all highlighting that Wales is not innocent in perpetuating inequality. There is more to do.

The past 12 months have been difficult. They have presented clear challenges to overcome in Wales, and given us renewed purpose and belief in the importance of our aims. On our tenth anniversary as an organisation, more than ever, we need to stand for equality in Wales now, and across the next 10 years.

  • Zoe King – Acting Joint Chief Executive

A Manifesto for a Fair and Equal Wales

Diverse Cymru calls on all political parties and candidates to put equality for all and human rights at the heart of the 2021 Welsh Parliament election. Read on for the Diverse Cymru election manifesto, as we work towards a Fair and Equal Wales in 2021.

Key areas of action

In this manifesto we call on all political parties and candidates to commit to action to address inequalities and advance rights for all people facing inequality in Wales. We are calling for action in 6 key areas:

  1. Enshrine human rights and equality for all in Welsh law, policy and action
  2. Health and social care must provide an integrated, seamless service, which actively recognises and accounts for each individual’s views, wishes, and circumstances
  3. Build back better as we recover from COVID-19
  4. All transport must be accessible, safe, and inclusive
  5. All information must be accessible and inclusive
  6. Positive action for increased representation of all under-represented groups and involvement of diverse people


Diverse Cymru believes that equality and human rights should be at the heart of every decision politicians make affecting Wales. They must consider the impact of their policies on all people; understanding that every individual is potentially affected by discrimination, poverty and unfair treatment. We must stand up for the human rights of all people in Wales, and that goes to the core of this manifesto. 

Our policy manager Ele Hicks said:

The current Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted inequalities that exist in Wales. The disproportionate impacts on BAME, disabled, and older people are clearly evidenced and concerning. Younger people are experiencing higher levels of unemployment, carers and women are facing additional challenges. Communities that face barriers to accessing services and who experience poorer mental health are facing additional barriers. These include disabled, BAME, older, and LGBT people. There is a need for the strong leadership to promote equality for all and celebrate diversity. We cannot return to business as usual, which entrenches inequalities. We must build back better and take this opportunity to radically reform policies and practice in Wales to advance equality for everyone in Wales.

A ‘one size fits all’ approach will not meet the equalities requirements of people with one or more protected characteristics. We need to recognise and act on the voices and experiences of people in Wales, including intersectional issues. Failure to make this fundamental shift in the way we address equality and diversity will leave many people in Wales at risk of discrimination, poverty and injustice.

You can find our full manifesto here (in word and pdf).
You can download our full Maniffesto in Welsh.

Note to editors

For media enquiries please contact:

Joe Stockley at | +44 (0)75 1625 9801

For more information please contact:

Diverse Cymru is a pan-Wales equality and diversity charity – working to ensure equality for all. Diverse Cymru’s vision is to help create a nation without prejudice or discrimination, where every person is equal and diversity is celebrated, and our mission is to eliminate discrimination and inequality.

Vaccines – Frequently Asked Questions (West Wales)

The below information is only for West Wales. Click here for Bridgend information.

How do I get my vaccine? 
In West Wales, Personal Assistants will no longer be provided with COVID booking links.

If you have already submitted an authorisation form, and we have your telephone contact details on file, this will be submitted to Hwyl Dda University health board and they will contact you directly via telephone to arrange your COVID vaccine.
If you have not submitted an authorisation form, or we do not have your telephone contact number, you will be emailed today with a specific email address that you need to email in order to receive your vaccine. 

I have been trying to book and unable to get one as none available!  What do I do?

If you are having problems booking your vaccinations through the links, we ask that you do not contact us, we are only passing on information and have no control over the vaccination availability.

We will send out any further information as we receive it.

I have been refused my vaccine at the medical centre. What do I do?

Firstly, you should bring proof of work with you to the centre, this is to confirm you are an essential worker. This could be last month’s payslip, a contract of employment, or a letter from your employer.

If you are still refused, we understand that this is frustrating, but we ask that you do not contact Diverse Cymru in the first instance, we are not responsible for vaccinations and the actions taken in medical centres and are unable to do anything to support you. We ask that you raise this as a matter of urgency with your Health Board.

I am an unpaid carer. Can I get the vaccine sooner?

Please refer to Public Health Wales guidance, or contact your local Health Board. 

If you still have questions, contact us at


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