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Pride Cymru 2016

We had a fantastic day at Pride Cymru on Saturday 13th August, with the sun shining and people of all ages free to express and enjoy themselves.

After a murky start, we were delighted to see the sun come out just  in time for the gates to open.

This year, we were offering free face painting, (a price point that made us very popular!) and the opportunity to fill in a leaf on our ‘Equalitree’.

We asked people “What support or services do LGBT+ people in Wales need most?”

We were delighted to get a huge response, and towards the end of the day we ran out of leaves!

Many people asked for more education on LGBT+ people in school, including increased information on sex education, relationships and anti-bullying.

More awareness of LGBT relationships in schools

Some examples:

Teachings of the community in schools to educate on equality.

More awareness in school and support

More awareness of LGBT relationships in school

Any education in school that says LGBT+ actually exists PLS

Another hot topic was for a Gender Clinic in Wales. Currently, trans people have to travel to London in order to get an appointment, which is a huge inconvenience and barrier to much needed support.

A lady holds a sign saying "Gender clinics in Wales!! And better mental health support!"

Finally, we were pleased to see people joining up protected characteristics, recognising that being LGBT+ doesn’t exist in isolation. Our work is based around linking up these issues and working to support the whole person, and this feedback is a useful sign for us that this type of work is needed.

All of these suggestions will be noted by our policy team and will be very useful as a snapshot of what LGBT+ people believe that Wales needs to become more equal.

And here’s our full Equalitree – you can click to zoom in!

What do you think is the most important issue for LGBT+ people in Wales? We’d love to hear your thoughts, please comment below if there’s anything you’d like us to add.

A large board completely covered in leaf shapes with suggestions and ideas written on them.

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