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Rewriting the Script

Despite the rich cultural landscape of Wales, our Film and TV industries suffer from a lack of diversity across gender, disability, sexuality, age and socio-economic backgrounds in all sectors from catering, costuming and set-dressing to writing, editing and directing. We believe that Film and TV should have a workforce that represents the communities in which they operate and that a wide range of people who have a wealth of expertise, skills and experience could be missing out on careers in the sector.

Diverse Cymru worked with and on behalf of the Welsh Government’s Creative Industries Sector Team to deliver a pioneering research project, Diversity in Film and TV, which explored the barriers that may prevent people from diverse backgrounds becoming involved in the sector.

This work is now complete and we’re delighted to present our Full Report and Executive Summaries entitled Rewriting the Script / Ailysgrifennu’r Sgript which are available to download below.

Rewriting the script – Full Report

Rewriting the script – Exec Summary

Ailysgrifennu’r Sgript – Crynodeb Gweithredol

We look forward to continuing our work with the Welsh Government on this area, as a report is only ever a first stage to making a real difference.