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We say No to Racism



Diverse Cymru is saddened to hear the latest rise in hate crime aimed at the Muslim community. The recent threatening letter entitled ‘Punish a Muslim’ is in circulation across England and Wales, encouraging a ‘national day of violence against Muslims’ on April 3rd.

Diverse Cymru is committed to supporting people faced with inequality and discrimination because of race, religion or  beliefs, age, disability, gender identity and reassignment and sexual orientation. We condemn any actions which incite and encourage hatred and racism. We urge any of our friends and colleagues within the Muslim community to come forward and report any letters that you may receive or any issues that may arise in relation to this hatred.

ADVICE – What to do if you receive a copy of the letter: It is essential that anyone who receives this letter should report it to their local Police Station by dialling the non-emergency 101 numbers or contact Tell Mama:


Diverse Cymru is also a hate crime reporting centre, you can do this by calling 02920 36 8888 or attend the office Alexandra House, 307-315 Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff CF5 1JD.