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Social Care Wales – Briefing sessions on the Code of Professional Practice

To make sure workers in Wales provide people with good care and support, Social Care Wales has a Code of Professional Practice for Social Care (the Code).

The Code is a set of rules, or standards, care professionals must work to, to help keep people safe and well.

To provide people with the best care and support, the Code says that social workers must:

  • Help people say and achieve what is important to them
  • Respect people’s dignity, privacy, preferences, culture, language, rights, beliefs, views and wishes
  • Support people to stay safe
  • Be honest, trustworthy and reliable
  • Be qualified to do their job properly

 Therefore, these standards are there to help make sure that people have the support they need to live their lives in the way that reflects their needs. As such, ensuring that as many people as possible who use care and support, their families and carers know about the Code is vital.

Social Care Wales’ Strategic Equality Plan 2018 – 2022 commits to ensuring that people with one or more protected characteristic receive care and support in ways that reflect their specific needs and Objective 1 – Raise awareness of the Code of Professional Practice for Social Care among people using care and support their families and carers within the plan sets out to achieve this.

Social Care Wales have already gathered evidence that suggests that there is little or no knowledge of the Code among BME people, therefore they want to use a range of methods to engage with this group to ensure raised awareness of the Code and they would like your help to achieve this. Although initially they will be focusing on raising awareness of the Code among BME-led groups, the scope of this work will broaden over the coming year to include all the diverse people who use care and support in Wales.


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