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Socio-Economic Duty | March 31st 2021

We’re really glad to see the socio-economic duty coming into force from the Welsh Government on March 31st 2021. We’ve pulled together an info-graphic if you want to get a grasp on what it all means!

The Socio-economic duty – a Diverse Cymru fact-sheet.

What is it? 

Considering outcomes of decisions

The duty asks public authorities (laid out below) to consider how decisions may increase or decrease socio-economic inequalities. It will come into force on the 31st March 2021.

Who does it apply to?

Those who satisfy the test set out in section 2(6) of the Equality Act. 

– The Welsh Ministers – Special health authorities
– A local authority – A fire and rescue authority
– A local health board – A national park authority
– An NHS trust – Welsh revenue authority

What should happen in practice?

Fairer decision-making

The overall aim of it is to make decision-making more fair by understanding the views and needs of the people impacted by a decision, by consulting and engaging actively with those people, and taking account of that, alongside evidence. 

Why is it important?

The duty aims to tackle a problem.

There’s a clear link between socio-economic disadvantage and inequality. The socio-economic duty hopefully means the bodies mentioned above can do things differently, and reduce poverty in Wales.