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Student placement at Diverse Cymru

sophie little

Our most recent student placement was student Sophie Little.

Sophie is a student at Cardiff School of Social Sciences at Cardiff University, and spent her placement working with the Policy and Research team.

Sophie said: 

“Volunteering at Diverse Cymru was the thing that made me stand out for my student placement – my experiences here was practically all I talked about in my interview.

“The student placement will be around collecting data on pulling out challenges for 1st year students, typing up transcription notes – really all they asked me about was the time at Diverse Cymru, and working to strict deadlines. When Joe and Ele were off, I came in and got on with it, they really liked that.

“I talked about the amazing experience I had at GOFOD3 – my placement required confidence in networking and talking to organisations, so communicating with a range of different organisations at GOFOD and building my confidence there was really useful.

“The bits I loved the most were that I got to come to staff training; I got to come to a Have Your Say event.

“It made it real, and showed me what working in a charity was really like. So many volunteering opportunities are just paper work and filing, and I found this volunteering experience was so much more.

“I was never afraid to ask for help – the constant support Ele and Joe provided to me taught me to ask questions when I wasn’t sure.

“Volunteering at Diverse Cymru made me want to work in a charity!”