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Young Wales at Pride

In August, we asked people at Pride Cymru what support and services they thought the LGBT+ community in Wales needed.

Meanwhile, over at Young Wales, they were asking

What activities do young LGBT+ people want?

They have very kindly presented us with their canvas with all the collected views for us to analyse.


(click for zoomable version)

There are some great suggestions here and we’ve really enjoyed reading them all!

What people want

A lot of sports have been suggested here, and from our experience working with LGBT Sport Cymru we know that many of these opportunities already exist. This shows that LGBT+ people are still a little unsure where to look to for safe, friendly places to join sports team, so we are delighted to recommend LGBT Sport Cymru as a great place to start.

Another interesting trend is the desire for places to meet that aren’t bars or pubs, but somewhere a bit more relaxed to meet in the evening without a focus on alcohol.

As with the responses to our own questions many people have responded with an appeal for more education in schools on sexual orientation and gender. It would appear that many people receive predominantly hetero normative relationship and binary gender education.

Finally, the sheer number of different ideas for activities was fantastic to see. There is obviously a lot of enthusiasm and desire to be active and social, but little awareness of the few opportunities to do so.

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